Thursday, June 28, 2007

Note from Monkey Boy

You've may have picked up on the fact that Monkey Boy is a unique and creative child. To give you an example, I present the note. When my friend, Sexy, and her family were here this past weekend, we adult types were up late talking. Around 1:00am, this bear came bopping down the stairs from the 3rd floor loft, where Monkey Boy and his friend were 'sleeping':

I've heard of tying a note to a rock or brick and throwing it. We've all seen movies where they tied a note to a pigeon's leg or to an arrow, but I bet you've never had a note delivered to you via flying bear!

Here's the note:

If you can't read it, it says, "Mom, we can't sleep ... Can we do something?" In case you were wondering, the answer was No!



Blogger Rick said...

Very creative!

3:37 AM  
Anonymous terri said...

I'll bet there's never a dull moment with Monkey Boy around!

8:07 AM  

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