Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tiki Lounge, pt. 2

Here's the final installment about the Tiki Lounge. This the bedroom/den area, which is connected to the bathroom I showed you in my earlier post. This really has turned out to be a perfect place for kids to hang out. Monkey Boy and his friend K-man have already thoroughly enjoyed it. It has everything a boy needs: video games, a tent, plenty of places to sit or lounge, Legos and more. Let's start with the scary 'before' picture. This was being used as attic storage.
And now for the after. Look at the spiffy daybed cover I found. I added lots of pillows. Check out the back one. It's actually an inflatable raft!. It's one of those that feels like fabric bonded with rubber. If I had to buy a pillow that large it would have cost a mint but I got this for $9! And I figure it gives the kids back support and another thing to lay on the floor and can be used when building pillow forts. I also recovered the chair in a blue nautical map fabric Monkey Boy picked out. And, of course, what boys' hang out space would be complete without a tent! I found a bulletin board shaped like a surf board (which Monkey Boy has personalized with his graffiti) and added some more of the art pieces that I bought the other day. I also hung a clock that looks like a crab and added one of those goofy novelty lamps that looks like an aquarium.

We also have a zone for Legos. I brought these out of Monkey Boy's room, where they had be residing on the floor. All areas of the room have been inspected, utilized and praised by the boys.



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It looks ready for us to come and mess up! Sweet! :)

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I surfed over from Liv's page...absolutely gorgeous.

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