Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween Fun

Monkey Boy loves Halloween. It entails two of his favorite things: dressing up in a costume and getting free candy. He lives for this holiday. It starts by his spending hours pouring over the costume catalogs we get in the mail, before finally settling on the 'perfect one.' Here's this year's winner:

This year Marco the Wonder Pup participated in the fun with a costume. He was Spider Dog. I was surprised how good natured he was about the whole thing as my last Westie would have chewed his way out of the costume. Marco acted like it was normal to be wearing a mask. Being total goofs, we paraded him through the neighborhood in his costume.

Next, we decorate the house. As part of this tradition, Monkey Boy fusses at me because the decorations are not scary enough. One of our decorations is a dancing stuffed figure of Frankenstein that sings 'The Monster Mash.' This thing both terrified and fascinated Marco the Wonder Pup. And, of course, we carve a pumpkin. I spend the whole time worrying about Monkey Boy cutting off a finger during the process.

That is a bat. Aren't we talented?!

Finally it is the big day. The costume is donned and the excitement level is truly high. Let the celebration begin! This year we went to a party at a friend's house, which was a blast. The male host of the event was dressed as a cow and had far too much fun playing with the costume's udders, which we have renamed mudders for 'man udders.'