Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Felt Like Felting

I have made my first felted item and I love it! It's also the first purse I've ever knitted and the first time I've created my own design. Happy dance! I made it with Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes. At just $1.99 a ball, this yarn is amazing. I knitted this single stranded with #8 needles and it is gorgeous. I worked with some wool over the weekend that was about 3 times the price and had to be knitted double stranded and still didn't felt as well as this.


Blogger liv said...

I love it, and can't relate. I'd be your perfect ball roller, snack maker and booze drinker while you knit. I think I'm a bit too ADD for the knitting. However, I do like to walk in the yarn store and rub on skeins of exotics. Baby steps!

5:29 AM  
Blogger Peach Pod said...

How about I teach you to knit when you come to visit? You've heard that its the new yoga!

3:30 PM  
Blogger liv said...

ha. new yoga? my pal with the yarn shop just emailed me to see if I could help her get all 10 million yogis started knitting!

maybe we could have a yoga and knitting retreat? knoga? yotting?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Peach Pod said...

liv: I'm voting for knoga! BTW, at the knitting retreat I went to last weekend in Boone, we started each morning off at 7:30 with yoga!

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Stick Knits said...

Don't you just LOVE felting? I love love love it!!!

And yes, I think Yoga and Knitting go together perfectly! Liv, I'm sure you'll love knitting, once she gets you addicted... er.. i mean...teaches you how!

11:15 AM  

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