Monday, February 19, 2007

Strep: Night 1

Monkey Boy didn't have a very good night and therefore Mommy didn't have a good night. Monkey Boy slept with me last night and he talks in his sleep when he has a fever. Around 6:00am he woke up coughing with led to gagging which led to . . . you know. So after cleaning up and getting Monkey Boy cooled down with drugs and cool washcloths, I tried to go back to sleep. Monkey Boy couldn't go back to sleep so Mommy couldn't go back to sleep. He started playing on his computer and watching TV in my room around 7am. Yawn. Then just when I was ready to fall asleep, soon-to-be ex called to check on Monkey Boy. A little after 9:00 I gave up and got up. I ran downstairs to let the dog out and start coffee. Came back upstairs to a pouty child and explained that Mommy had to have a shower to function today. When I finished my shower I checked on Monkey Boy. One guess as to where he was: curled up in the bed I had just made, fast asleep!


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