Monday, August 14, 2006

What do you do?

Have you seen what Ellia at greenbeanbaby has started in the blogging world? She wants to know what we do when we aren't making art (I consider my knitting and scrapbooks art!). I love this topic. I pretty much love any topic that lets me get to know more about the bloggers I read. Here I go:

1. Talk on the phone with my friends. I love keeping in touch with them. They add so much to my life.

2. Read. I love to read. I wish that I could give up sleeping so that I could read more. I tend to read LOTS of magazines because they're short and they're something I can put down if I need to. I love books but am one of those people who can't put a good book down. I will ignore food, my child and sleep to finish it. So, I only ready 3 or 4 fiction books a year.

3. Walk my dog. Marco, the psychotic needy puppy, does much better with his house-breaking if I walk him rather than throw him into the yard. I love walking him on the beach as I can take him off his leash and let him chase seagulls.

4. Be a mom. This entails an endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, etc. Ya'll know the routine.

5. Spend time on the Net. This means reading blogs, emailing, shopping, downloading stuff to my iPod and checking out what's new on eBay.

6. Watch movies. I love going to the movie theater. I love getting popcorn and watching a great movie on a big screen. I also love watching movies at home since my DH bought the family a totally bitchin', huge, plasma HDTV for Christmas last year.

7. Drink coffee. I live for coffee. I love going to my favorite coffee shop. I love talking with the other regulars there. I love reading the newspaper there. Life is good.

8. Hang out in bookstores. I can spend hours in a bookstore, as long as it has a coffee shop. This way I can combine my love of reading with my love of coffee!

9. Travel. I love roadtrips. Sometimes Monkey Boy and I just take off for the weekend. Sometimes we drag a friend with us; sometimes we don't. Atlanta is one of our favorite destinations because there is so much to do there and we have lots of friends there. Spring breaks usually take us to New York. Monkey Boy has been there so many times that he can tell you how to get around on the subway.

10. Cook. I cook a lot. Monkey Boy and I usually only eat out once a week, which isn't too bad for a working mom. I also love to have friends over for dinner and for parties.

So what are you up to?!


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