Monday, August 07, 2006

Back from the Weekend

Another busy weekend at the House of Pod. Friday, which was my last Friday off for the summer as I go back to 'normal' hours this week, we ran down to Jacksonville for some shopping. I scored two knitting magazines at Barnes & Noble. Am I the only one who gets a rush when she sees a new knitting magazine on the stand? Next stop, Toy R Us, of course! Monkey Boy found a 'must have' video game and was quite happy to play it the rest of the day. The last stop was my beloved Target. I loaded up on polo shirts, school supplies, Archer Farm yummy snacks, etc. Monkey Boy found yet more toys he 'needed' because, as those who know him, he doesn't have enough yet! We were going to do some more shopping, but Monkey Boy had swim class, so we headed back. Didn't make the swim class, though, due to the worst rain storm I've seen in years. I had to go 15 mph on I-95! Should have stayed in Jax and shopped more!

Saturday morning was the end of season swim team party at Summer Waves. That was fun except the part when a yellow jacket bit my butt while I was laying face down on a tube in the lazy river! The rest of the day we vegged out in front of the TV, catching up on shows that I recorded on the DVR while we were in Mississippi. I finished a scarf and worked more on the 'hairball.' I'll post photos later as I've lost my USB cord for my camera and have ordered a media reader to add to my PC.

Sunday included more vegging and a trip to the movies to see Talladega Nights. I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, but Monkey Boy and I both really had fun with this. I cast on a cotton washcloth during the movie and got about half of it done. Pictures later.


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