Monday, July 03, 2006

Back and 4th (of July!)

I love the 4th. Not just because it is a great holiday but because family comes for a visit. DH's family from Charlotte and Alabama come and stay at a nearby campground. I love visiting with them there. We talk, sit, talk, eat and talk. What more can you want?

Monkey Boy is especially fond of his Uncle Wedgie, so named because Monkey Boy couldn't pronounce his name (Reggie) when he was little. Uncle Wedgie lets him walk his dog, rides bikes with him and shares his endless fascination with fake poo. (Fake poo is often found in both of our households!) I was looking at photos from 4th of Julys past and found this photo from 2002. I can't believe how Monkey Boy has grown. This was the year that Uncle Wedgie gave Monkey Boy the nickname of Hot Dog Boy. Don't ask why!

So here is to 4th of Julys past, present and future. May they always be filled with food, fun and family!


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