Sunday, June 25, 2006

Introducing . . . Crackers!

We 'adopted' a new stuff animal while driving through Kentucky on our recent trip to Michigan. He is a possum which we have named Crackers. Why Crackers? Because we got him at Cracker Barrel. Actually, the two names being considered were Crackers and Tucker (kind of a play on the name Kentucky). Crackers just seems to fit him better. Being a Southern girl, I have a fondness for these critters and this one is just so cute (though my DH thinks he is uglier than sin)!

I have been looking for an appropriate traveling companion, kind of along the lines of Flat Stanley. This guy was perfect. He's cute, Southern and has a little attitude. Look for him in future shots.


Blogger Belle-ah said...

OMG...LOL Everyone needs a "Cracker"!!! Only in KY. Love it.

Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays.

4:57 AM  

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