Sunday, June 04, 2006

She's Back!!!

After my long break from blogging, I'm back. Ever get that totally overwhelmed feeling that if you add one more thing to your life, you'll end up in the clock tower with a semi-automatic? That's where I've been. But summer is here, my vacation is near and I'm better now. I've even finished several projects, which I will post later.

I've fallen in love with two of the newer knitting books that have come out lately. I know that most of you have read, Mason-Dixon Knitting , but if you haven't, buy it NOW. Love this book. I've read the Mason Dixon blog for almost a year now and feel they've done a great job of translating their conversation tone to the book. Plus, the patterns are great. The other book is Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules!, if you like her blog, you'll like her book.

Have you seen the movie, The Break-Up? It won't be up for any awards but it is definitely something that you can relate to. I want to know when I became Jennifer Aniston and started dating Vince Vaugn!? It was too close to my own life!

Can't wait to go on vacation. We're going up to the Michigan house (also known as the house that has been for sale FOREVER). Guess what? There's no TV there! We have TVs and can watch videos but there's no cable or satellite (we disconnected because we don't live there anymore). That means I might get significant knitting done! I'm bringing lots of cotton yarn with me to work on washcloths ("No, I'm not an addict. I can quit anytime I want. Really") and some yarn to make scarves for a friend who is moving to the Asheville area. If I run out of yarn I can always go over to my old LYS.

Of course we are getting ready for the 4th of July. I know it sounds strange, but the 4th down here is bigger than Christmas. We have a big party ever year and then we watch the big fireworks show from our front porch. We didn't have one last year because we were still in Michigan, but I'm told that my friends came over anyway and partied in the front yard.

I'm trying to clean up the 3rd floor loft today. Wish me luck!


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