Monday, January 23, 2006

What do you like in a blog?

I was going through my list of knitting blogs and started to mentally note what I liked and sometimes disliked about them. This, of course, got me thinking about the bigger picture. What makes you come back to a blog? What traits do you like? For example:
  • Do you like it to be just about knitting or about the knitter's life as a whole?
  • Do you mind when the blogger throws random thoughts into their blog?
  • How do you feel about photos? Should they be just of knitting or do you like it when they give insight into the writer's life?
I would love some feedback. Here are my answers:
  • I like blogs that are about a knitter's life. I love to hear about their families, friends, triumphs, trials and travels.
  • I love random thoughts. A non-knitting photo, comment, or quote may add to my mind candy for that day.
  • I love photos! I love photos of everything and anything.
BTW, I finally got to see the new Pride and Prejudice movie. It is yummy!


Blogger Judy said...

I'm with you -- I LOVE to hear about the whole picture. It makes the knitter more "real" to me, and that's pretty much all we have when the blog-writer is on the other side of the globe. I have developed friendships with people I'm never likely to meet. Ditto with the random thoughts and photos -- they bring the writing to life.

7:05 AM  

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