Friday, October 07, 2005

Worms on Walls Give Me the Willies

In case you aren't addicted to the Weather Channel, the southern portion of the Eastern Seaboard has become water-logged. Since Sunday, we've had 15+ inches of rain. Here is the evolution of my attitude toward rain:

Sunday - "A little rain would be nice."
Monday - "I won't have to run the sprinklers this week."
Tuesday - "I won't have to run the sprinklers this month!"
Wednesday - "This is getting old."
Thursday - "Do I need to build an ark?"
Friday - "Enough with the freakin' rain already!!!!!!"

I came home from eating dinner out on Wednesday night and saw a truly strange sight. I have a stucco wall around my house. About 4 feet up the wall were 3 huge earthworms. Yes, I said earthworms! Did you know that earthworms can climb? Neither did I! It was creepy, in a kind of apocalyptic kind of way.

"I'm trying to get away from the rain and creep Sharon out at the same time!"

Did a little thing like a major flash flood warning keep me from my local LYS, FuzzyMabel? Of course not, dear reader! Stopped by and picked up a birthday gift for a certain birthday girl (Don't ruin the surprise!) and of course, Cynthia had some cool new yarns and things to show me. The store visit that was supposed to take 5 minutes took 20. Such is life.

Tomorrow is knitting club day!!! Hopefully nothing unexpected will come up and keep me from the meeting like it has the last 4 times. As long as the Big Stupid SUV can make it through the flooded areas, I'm there.

Have a great weekend!


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