Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Little Whine with your Blog?

It’s Sunday morning and I’m beat-up tired. Don’t you hate weeks that everyday feels like a marathon? This was my week to deal with that. I started teaching at the college again. I teach night classes on computer topics. The issue is they’ve assigned me to a different campus this semester and it is an HOUR away. Who did I piss off to get stuck with that?!! I have to leave the house at 6:00pm, teach from 7:00 until 9:00 and roll into the house around 10:00pm. I could deal with it normally but having an 8 year old child added to the mix is the main issue. Try to find a babysitter for those kind of hours on school nights! Whine, whine, whine.

More whining: Cars suck. I had to get a new battery for my stupid, oversized SUV (my husband talked me into this monster) and take my husband’s car in AGAIN to have the AC looked at. At least I got to knit while waiting for them to be fixed.

Misc. BS: working on the school’s fall festival, planning a birthday party for my DH, patching and painting a ceiling after a plumbing issue, finishing up work for client, etc., etc., etc.

You would think that I would sleep in today, Saturday, right? No, my internal clock always wakes me up at 6:30 whether or not I want it too. I did lie in bed for about 45 minutes before giving up and getting up.

Good news: the birthday party was great. My husband’s undergrad degree was in drama and he has done amateur and professional acting over the years. So I went with a movie star theme. I ordered a fake Oscar statue, movie props and stuff from the Net and plastered pictures and reviews from the plays my husband has been in all over the walls. We ate movie theater food like popcorn, hot dogs, pizza and nachos. I’ll post photos in the next couple of days.

Almost done with the Harry Potter scarf. I can’t wait to get it off of my needles. When you first learn to knit, you are so excited about doing the k1, p1 ribbing. Now, doing it endlessly and for hours is tedious. I can’t wait to start my next project. I was going to do a baby blanket but have opted to do a baby sweater. Hopefully I’ll start that tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging around and having a little whine with your blog!


Blogger Deede said...

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Blogger Spindrift said...

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This is one to watch.


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