Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I finished something!

During my long absence from blogging, I actually finished knitting projects. Check out the shawl:

Monkey Boy believes in rolling all over any finished knitting project. No, I don't know why!

By the way, Monkey Boy has a favor to ask those who know him: don't show this photo to your kids. He has a reputation to keep.

I love this pattern. I got it from the Earth Guild in Asheville. The pattern is called "Super Simple Shawl" and it is. It is a great, mindless knit. I will definitely make another one of these. The 'lace' is made with simple yarn-overs and adds a nice touch:

Yes, that is Monkey Boy lurking behind the shawl.

By the way, I love my kid. He is just so cool. I'm not saying that he's perfect. As a matter of fact, he is able to find my last available nerve to get on faster than any other human. But in spite of that, I like him. I really do. He has some great friends, too. Let me introduce you to a couple. Let's start with the Divine Ms. C. She is everything a pre-teen girl should be: confident, beautiful, strong, opinionated, sarcastic, intelligent, and sassy. My favorite thing about her is her wicked sense of humor. I truly believe she will be president way before Hillary does:

The Divine Ms. C

Another one of Monkey Boy's friends is Mr. T. We met Mr. T and his family about 8 years ago and found out that Monkey Boy and Mr. T were born on the same day. Monkey Boy and Mr. T compliment each other. Monkey Boy likes to be in charge. Mr. T doesn't mind taking orders. It works.

Living large in a large nest, compliments of Zoo Atlanta.

Monkey Boy has many other wonderful friends, both old and young. These two just happened to be in my camera!


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