Thursday, July 06, 2006

Americana Summer

They couldn't be any more cliched American in Mayberry than we were at my house this year. Monkey Boy and his friend, K-Man, set up a lemonade/soda stand in the front yard. The funny part of the stand is what it was made of: it use to be a crate for a $20,000 chandelier! (Can you say privileged childhood?!) No, the chandelier is not in my house. It is in the antique store where I work. We painted it up right with red, white and blue.

I was in charge of decorating the yard. Check it out: banners around the porch, paper lanterns in the trees and red and blue punching balloons scattered around. I loved it!

Dinner was awesome. I made barbecue pork sandwiches and hot dogs. Saundra made a great potato salad. Nancy made an awesome Asian cole slaw. Throw in some chips and sodas and you're done!

Happy birthday America!

I have to share this photo of Monkey Boy. His cousin Dee bought him a set of 6 fake noses so that you can 'pick your nose.' Look at silly Monkey Boy. He has them on his nose, ears and knees! Don't sneeze, Monkey Boy!


Anonymous Judy said...

Totally something my son would do -- and he's almost 15!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

We had a fabulous time!!! Tell Saundra thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of Citron. ;o)

11:29 AM  

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