Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pre-teen Hell

What is pre-teen hell, you may ask? Its when you, as a parent, are insane enough to allow your pre-teen male child have a sleep-over. Nothing is more grating than watching 2 nine-year-olds have a pissing contest to see who is going to be the alpha male!

I made the rules simple and clear:
  1. Do not go outside after 9:00pm. I'm setting the security alarm and will know if you leave the house.
  2. You can eat or drink anything you find as long as it does not contain alcohol.
  3. Lights, video games and TV off at midnight.
  4. DO NOT get my attention!! Getting my attention is a bad thing.

Less than 15 minutes after hearing the above rules, they had my attention. A Nerf gun was being used as a weapon of torment. It now sits on my desk.

A couple minutes after the seizure of the Nerf gun, they had my attention again. Apparently Monkey Boy has morphed into Bossy Boy. Threats have been made by me.

You know that classic bedtime prayer that has the line, "Now I pray my soul to keep"? Y'all forget my soul and pray that I keep my sanity!!!


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