Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have been so inspired lately. Usually after Christmas I have the 'blahs.' Not this year. I've been trying new recipes, checking out new blogs, devouring books, knitting, and watching way too much HGTV. It seems like many people are feeling the same way, judging from the blogs I've read. I know a lot of my feelings stem from the soon-to-be ending of my 20+ years marriage. I have to admit I've found marriage to be stifling. My soon-to-be ex is a tad bit controlling. The decorating in the house has been stagnant because he didn't want any major decisions to be made without him, but he would never make a decision. My own personality was subdued because of the comments made when we went out with other people or entertained at home. After the evening I was told what 'I did wrong' like saying things wrong or bringing up a topic he didn't approve of. My clothes were critiqued and my makeup discussed. I found the whole thing exhausting. Now I feel like I can have fun. I can't wait to make things 'me.' I am so excited about decorating without waiting for someone else's opinion. I have it all played out in my mind.

New topic: went to a seminar for people who want to become teachers but don't have an education degree. I'm so pumped. I only have to take one test and I can start interviewing. After I get a job, I'm going to teach for about 6 months and then start working on my Masters part-time. I found out yesterday that I can get a special loan as a teacher to get my degree. The loan is a service as repayment loan, which means that I get $2500 of my loan forgiven for each year I teach. And to top it all off, I will be fully vested in the teacher's retirement after just 10 years. Party!

Another new topic: Mom is doing well. We don't have the test results back yet but her voice sounded pretty darn good. Thanks for the prayers! I'll keep you posted.


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