Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This is NOT my House

I just want to say that the picture shown is NOT of my house. It is of a house a few homes down from mine. We had the tragedy of having a neighbor's house burn literally to the ground.
Monkey Boy and I were watching a movie on the Disney Channel when we saw some flashing lights and heard sirens. We looked out of the front door and our entire street was lined with firetrucks. I didn't even know we had that many trucks in the county!
After walking down the street to see what was going on (an activity that about 100 other people engaged in as well), I realized who's house was on fire. It belongs to a gentleman who owns a local restaurant. His wife was out of town and he was at the restaurant. This fire was major. The entire 3 stories of the house was engulfed in flames. I know these poor people lost everything.
I yelled to a fireman that the house next to the one in flames had full-timers (on this island we have two kinds of people, full-timers who live here year around and part-timers who are only here a few weeks out of the year) and that the couple who lived there were elderly and would need help getting out so they went to go get them. Monkey Boy and I ran over to another neighbor's house two doors away from the fire and got her and her baby to evacuate. Then we just watched the whole process.
I couldn't get over the amount of fire and that the whole structure was covered in flames. Later we checked on the people that were renting a historical home for vacation that backed up to the house that was on fire. One of the other neighbors had already taken them in for the night. Even now, almost 2 hours later, blue and red lights from the fire department and police are flashing outside my window. Poor Monkey Boy is totally stressed out and has asked to sleep in my room.
Something like this really makes you think, doesn't it?


Blogger liv said...

makes me think how lucky I am to have my two babies close and a blue sky to look at.

11:59 AM  
Blogger ellie bee said...

fires are so horrible. a house down the street from us burned almost a year ago--an elderly couple's that we know and love. Fortunately, they were able to salvage a lot and rebuilt there--they just moved in last week.
hold Monkey Boy close...stuff like that really wigs my kids (and their mom) out!

7:35 PM  

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