Sunday, June 10, 2007

A child growl

Here's my growl about children:

What is with them doing anything to help around the house? No matter how small the task, they act like you've just request that they begin a quest to the Holy Land and return with the Grail. It either turns into a negotiation for some privilege or item they want or it becomes a hissy fit or they pretend not to have heard you or some other tactic. And yet, they wouldn't hesitate to ask you to do something for them: drive them to the mall, have one of their annoying friends over for the weekend, take them to a movie that you need to self-medicate to be able to sit through, buy them stuff, etc.



Anonymous Terri said...

When I get the complaints about helping around the house ("I didn't use that. Why do I have to put it away?") I always respond with, "I don't wear your underwear either, but I wash them anyway." Seems to help.

6:51 AM  

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