Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to Make a Gas Grill into a Charcoal Grill

Let me start by saying I'm cheap (polite company would call me thrifty). Have no doubt about it. I'm even cheaper than usual because of the divorce. I wanted a charcoal grill to replace the barely functioning gas grill I have now. I tried to love the gas grill, but really prefer charcoal for two reasons. One, I always know if I have enough charcoal. Nothing is worse than having the gas on your grill run out mid-steak. Two, I prefer the taste of charcoal over gas grilling. Here in the Coastal South, we grill a lot. It keeps the house so much cooler than cooking in the kitchen. And it tastes so darn good. Mmmmm.

To get back to the topic, I wanted a charcoal grill, but being reasonably bright I knew that this would be a major task. It isn't simply the process of cruising down to the Sprawlmart and buying one. The big issue is disposal. What do I do with the old one? Here on our little island they are really rigid about trash. If it doesn't fit into your assigned trash container, tough. I tried to take some boxes to recycling a few weeks ago and they wanted to charge me! How much did they want to charge me for the privilege of driving my trash TO THEM so that they can sell it? $15!!!! Holy Ghost of Al Gore!!

So I decided to recycle the one I had by converting it to charcoal (this was actually my Mom's idea). Here are the steps:
  1. Remove the canister.
  2. Place canister by the road with a sign on it: "Free to a Good Home" This actually turned out to be unnecessary as a friend who called me has now claimed it.
  3. Remove the 'innards.' I thought this would require a wench and screwdriver, but actually required a hacksaw as the parts were so rusted.
  4. Sand everything that is left.
  5. Use an entire can of grill paint to spruce up the grill.
  6. Put old baking pan in bottom of grill.
  7. Feel smug that you only had to pay the price of a can of paint for a new grill.

That's it! It took me less than an hour to do the conversion, cleaning and painting. I figured I would let it cure overnight and grill tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I do not warrant the procedure described in this post. I am not a grill expert. I am just a cheap woman with more time than money.

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