Monday, March 12, 2007


I love walking with Monkey Boy. He's at that age where video games and music are far more interesting than spending time being under Mom's feet. Not that he's antisocial, he's just distracted. So one-on-one time has become more special to me.

Here in my part of the South, it got up to 75 degrees today. I asked Monkey Boy if he wanted to walk on the beach. He said yes as long as we didn't walk too far (Soon-to-be-ex makes him go on 4 mile walks and wonders why Monkey Boy hates to go on walks) and I agree. Words pour out of Monkey Boy when we walk: girls who have flirted with him, girls he likes, details of the latest episode of his favorite show, play by play info about the soccer game he played at school, what he had for lunch, his observations about the jellyfish he saw on the sand and so on. I love connecting with him in this way. He runs up and down the rocks at the edge of the beach, trying to beat his best time.

On the way back from the beach we walk past some clovers. He looks for a four leaf one and ponders what will happen if he ever finds an eight leaf clover. Would it result in an entire week of perfect luck?

As we cross the road to our home, he puts his warm hand in mine for a moment, letting go to race through the gate to pet his puppy. He shows me the latest karate move that he has 'invented.' As I open the door, he pretends that he has used magic to open it. All is right with my world.


Blogger lu said...

He'll remember your walks forever.
Thank god spring is here, there's something about being outside and walking that opens that eddies with boys.

8:20 PM  
Blogger beki said...

What a special time to spend with him!

10:04 AM  

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