Friday, February 02, 2007


I have been sleeping way too much lately. I can't decide if its because of the weather (It finally got above 50 degrees on Thursday only to rain the whole day!) or because I'm feeling a tad depressed. I'm in denial of any form of depression and I've never responded to depression before by sleeping so I'm thinking that its a winter hibernation thing. I really want to feel motivated to move off of the couch, but that's not happening much. I did sign Monkey Boy up for spring soccer yesterday and I completed my application to take the teacher certification exam in Middle School Math, so I did accomplish something this week. And I have been studying for the test. Of course I do the stuff I consider to be the bare minimum required to survive: wash dishes, wash clothes, feed the child and the dog and the cat, etc. But no major project is going on, though I did spend half a day moving soon-to-be evil ex's stuff to 'his' side of the garage. I don't my stuff to get 'cooties' from his! I'm so mature!


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