Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A holiday evening

I started the evening by taking Monkey Boy to the pool for swim team. Naturally, I sat there knitting. A woman commented that I was one of those patient knitters. Me, a patient knitter? I have never been known as that before! I asked what she meant. She pointed out that I knitted on 'little needles' (#8s, which to most knitters aren't small at all), she knits on huge #50 needles. She said that she could knock out a scarf in 1 hour. I dwelled on this for a while. Who would want to knit something that took only an hour? Where's the fun in that? The project then, in my opinion, is not related to the fiber arts but to crafts. If I want to craft, I work on my scrapbooks. But if I want to really create something, to invest myself into something, I knit.

After swim team, Monkey Boy and I had a holiday dinner. No, we didn't eat turkey and the trimmings. We had a burger, fries and an eggnog milkshake at Steak 'n Shake! Yummmm! After that we drove over to Jekyll Island to see the Christmas lights. I recommend that if you are in the area to check them out. They are really well done this year. Monkey Boy and I ohhed and ahhed over them. Our favorite was a series of light displays that animated a bear climbing a tree to get to honey. Very cute. We also loved the series of light displays that animated a penguin jumping off of an iceberg into the water. And the tree by the hotel was really a sight to see. As a bonus, we spotted 5 deer! Poor little Monkey Boy was asleep before we got home and now its time for me to turn in. Good night, ya'll.


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