Monday, October 23, 2006

Sea Urchin Belly

Have you ever noticed how some cats get a poofy tummy? I was on a website the other day and they called it 'sea urchin belly.' It is the perfect name for it, the way it hangs there in a little ball, the fur looks like sea urchin spines. Here's Miss Kitty's sea urchin belly:

"Damn Paparazzi! Why won't they leave me alone?!"

I want you to check out a special post at my BIL's blog. It is a lovely story honoring a much beloved pet that passed away. It really is sweet.

Last but not least, never believe that you can't hurt yourself using a computer. Moments ago I was burning DVDs and got up to get another DVD. I forgot to close the DVD drive drawer and totally nailed myself on it. I now have a painful gash that is over 4 1/2" long! Yes, in the interest of science and journalism, I measured it! OUCH!


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