Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stormy Saturday

For the first time in literally months, it is just pouring down rain. Wahoo! We've been at record lows for rain this year so we really need it. And Monkey Boy and I have missed singing our traditional rain song:

It's raining, it's pouring;
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed,and bumped his head
And he couldn't get up in the morning.

Yes, this lively little ditty will be heard all day at Casa de PeachPod.

The rain is supposed to be out of here by tonight, just in time for our beachy Sunday. After church tomorrow Monkey Boy, myself and some of our friends are heading to the surf for the Annual skimboard competition. At noon, they are giving free lessons, which Monkey Boy is looking forward to and at 1:00 is the competition. The competitors have been streaming in this week and practicing. I've enjoyed meeting them when I take my walk in the mornings and they are a very talkative bunch (this is the part where we pretend me, the old lady, didn't notice that the teens and 20 somethings I was talking to looked like bronzed gods!). They told me that the youngest competitor is just 7 years old and that there is a 9 year old who did back flips on his board. One of my friends has offered to bring sandwiches (she and her husband own a sub shop) and a cooler full of margaritas. Sounds like a good time to me!


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